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1~ You MUST post the rules.
2~ Each person must post five things about themselves in their journal.
3~ Answer the questions the tagger made, and then make eleven more questions for the tagged to answer.
4~ You have to tag ten people.
5~ Go to their page and tell them they've been tagged.
6~ No tag backs!
7~ None of that OH UR TAGGED CUZ U READ THIS LOL stuff. You have to actually tag the ten people.

~Things about yours truly~

1~ My dream job is to become a photographer, but I'm aiming for being a Veterinarian.
2~ I love the color blue.
3~ Sometimes I can be overly hyper and obnoxious.
4~ The phone I have is never used, no one texts me because I'm a "loner".
5~ I'm obsessed with video games.

~Questions from :iconpeanutbutterpickle: ~

1~ Has Tumblr taken over your life yet?
A: No. I rarely use it to look at pictures when I'm bored.

2~ Have any bands changed your life? If so, name them.
A: Hm.. I don't think a band has changed my life at all. But to name at least one that could have: Breaking Benjamin.

3~ Favorite scent?
A: The smell of an old book. (Weird. I know.)

4~ Texting or talking?
A: Texting. I suck at talking.

5~ Llamas or turtles?
A: Llamas~!

6~ Silk or velvet?
A: Silk's nice.

7~ Favorite childhood story?
A: Don't have one.

8~ Sweet or sour?
A: Sour.

9~ Have you ever dyed your hair a bright or odd color?
A: Does blue count as odd?

10~ Favorite brand of shoes? :>
A: Don't have one but.. Nike?

11~ If you have a cat, does it ever just stare at you like you're an idiot? (Dumb cats >:I)
A: No, my cat is antisocial and hides all the time.

~Questions from me~

1~ Has anyone ever mistaken you for a random stranger before?

2~ What type of music are you more into?

3~ Favorite song?

4~ Do you like to read?

5~ What is your favorite animal?

6~ Do you have any pancake mix?

7~ Favorite childhood toy?

8~ If given the chance, what video game would you love to be in?

9~ How about T.V. show?

10~ Who is your favorite Anime character?

11~ Dogs or cats?

~You've been tagged! ~ //Only a couple.
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United States
...Well xD There isn't much about me. Uh.. I love Anime and video games... Uh. To name some Anime there is Death Note and Hetalia, and Black Butler. Oh! And Soul Eater <3 ^^ (Really has no idea what to put here >.>...) I plan to become a photographer at some point in life. My uncle wanted me to go on and become a painter, but as you can see, my drawings suck xD. I'm too scared to put up any paintings I have done so.. o.o Go ahead and message me sometime :3 I'm sure some of our conversations would turn out to be pretty awesome... Probably.

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Thank you! ^^
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And happy New Year! :party:
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